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Jane is an absolute god sent angel. She is the person you want in your corner while you are in labour I can promise you that. She is also the best person to have beside you while you learn your way through becoming a mother. I cannot recommend Jane enough she is so helpful in anyway you could think of.
All of this coming from a new mother who was very scared and Jane was always there told hold my hand and tell me it’s going to be okay.


Jane, although fairly new to her practice is confident and knowledgeable. She provided me the confidence I needed to deliver my baby at home. She is always there to answer questions and assist with anything you may need. Jane is also a breast-feeding consultant which I found very helpful. I would highly recommend Jane for any birth be at the hospital or at home. She also offers postpartum Doula assistance if you require which is also so very helpful.


Jane was an incredibly invaluable asset to our whole parenthood journey, from pregnancy to birth to postpartum. She prepared us both well in the months leading up to delivery and during delivery, which lasted 25 hours, she was there the whole time! I don't know how we would have done it without her. We didn't realize how valuable a doula was until having Jane around. We had read all the books we could get our hands on, but having Jane as a non-judgmental doula to bounce ideas off of and help us make decisions that were right for us was great. She is fun and relaxing to be around, and our dog likes her too.


Though it was our third labour and we're pretty well versed in how things go, having Jane at our first home birth was absolutely paramount to success. Things escalated very quickly and baby was born before the midwives were able to arrive! Jane stayed incredibly calm, staying on the phone with the midwife while simultaneously coaching my husband on catching his baby in our birth pool. It was a wonderful whirlwind and as a very anxious person, I truly appreciated Jane's calm demeanor throughout! The prenatal appointments we had together were informative and I felt like I was speaking to a friend. She made me feel confident and at ease when I doubted myself and reminded me of my mantras throughout pregnancy and my quick labour. I recommend Jane to anyone hoping to have a successful, calm birth in home or hospital, whether it's their first baby or their third!


Jane was an outstanding resource and support to us before, during and after my labour and our baby’s birth. As first time parents during these strange times Jane’s prenatal appointments felt like a friend visiting as she helped us learn more about what to expect while also encouraging us and building our confidence. Jane was available by text and phone through the 30ish hours of early labour then came to our home when I was getting into active labour and needing more support. She followed us to the hospital at midnight and was there with us for almost 20 more hours through birth and the golden hour. Highlights included little things like setting up calm lighting for labouring in the bath, picking up food for us, and hugely significant things like using a fabric device to physically support some of my weight in order for me to be able to labour in different positions after an epidural which helped our baby turn and drop as well as the awesome photos and video I didn’t notice she was taking during the birth and minutes afterwards - an amazing surprise I’m so thankful to have. I took Jane's breastfeeding course through bellies and babies and appreciated her help to protect that first hour and her gentle assistance as we learned to breastfeed. Thank you Jane!


I can’t say enough about how amazing Jane was during our journey. From beginning to end she made us feel comfortable and supported. She was the help we didn’t know we needed. So thankful to have had her by our sides.


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